Environics enhances digital products

The analytics and marketing company has teamed up with five digital media and marketing companies to provide more specific data.

Environics Analytics has partnered with five digital mediacos and marketing firms, giving the company the ability to combine data with execution on several platforms and allowing advertisers to target their messages and offers more specifically.

The five companies are Adcentricity, BlueKai, Mediative, Broadplay and 80/20 Solutions, and they each bring something unique to the table, Catherine Pearson, VP, Environics Analytics, tells MiC.

Adcentricity has national digital OOH infrastructure, BlueKai and Mediative both gather and study data from online activity, Broadplay is a mobile marketing firm, and 80/20 Solutions is a digital marketing firm with expertise with social media influencers.

‘We’ve developed these new partnerships because these are all companies that have tools or devices in place that are allowing agencies and marketers to target through mobile marketing, digital marketing and social media, but they haven’t been able to overlay the data analytics, and that’s been a disconnect,’ says Pearson.

As an example of what can be done with the new partnerships, Pearson says Adcentricity’s OOH digital screens can now target more precise demographics and psychographics.

‘They were being targeted more geographically, and now we can target geographically but also behaviourly and attitudinally,’ she says.

Pearson adds that the partnerships also offer new measurement tools, allowing advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of online contests and email marketing campaigns.