Astral OOH goes amber

The company's digital billboards will display urgent information from the police in the case of a missing child.

Astral Out-of-Home has teamed up with law enforcement agencies in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to take part in the amber alert program.

The company has 23 digital billboards available to be used by local authorities to spread the message about abducted or missing children. Nine more digital boards will come online by January.

During an amber alert, regular ads will be interrupted and replaced by messages informing passersby of the situation and of what they should be looking for, whether a type of car, a licence plate number, or a physical description of an individual. The messages can be updated instantly across the network from the company’s national control centre.

Astral already takes part in the amber alert program through its specialty TV and radio stations.

The amber alert agreements are with the Ontario Provincial Police, the Quebec Ministry of Transportation and the Vancouver RCMP.