Lego plays with Ad Pods

Lego is putting Adapt Media's new inventory into play with an interactive game.

The first Ad Pod campaign launched in five malls in Ontario and BC, bringing an interactive video game into the shopping mix. The Lego campaign, which runs into January, lets shoppers play Creationary and learn about Lego products.

Starcom MediaVest Group in Toronto set up the media buy touting Lego’s roll into the game aisle, just in time for holiday shopping.

Toronto-based Adapt Media’s new Ad Pods, being three-sided and seven feet tall, were deemed a good play for catching attention, especially now as malls grow ever more crowded and cluttered.

Each side has a 65-inch touchscreen that can work independently or with the other screens on the pod or even other pods in the network. 

The eight units are in the Greater Toronto Area in the Eaton Centre, Fairview Mall, Promenade Mall, Markville Mall and, in BC, the Coquitlam Centre.