Media-Corps to rep to US advertisers

The company that specializes in selling Canadian ad space to American advertisers gets exclusive rights to the Bell-owned portal.

Media-Corps has won the exclusive right to represent the ad inventory of to US advertisers.

The California-based company has been working with the Bell-owned web portal since October, and entered into the exclusivity agreement Wednesday.

The homepage and its channels together get nine million unique visitors per month, according to Sympatico.

‘Many of our US clientele are seeking solutions that reach the entire Canadian market,’ said Robert Laplante, president of Media-Corps, in a statement. ‘We’re committed to a strategy that offers fewer clients more time and attention and still gives us the critical mass necessary to be the go-to solution for reaching premium consumers in the Canadian marketplace.’

Media-Corps also represents to the US the online ad inventories of the Globe and Mail and La Presse, among others.