YouTube unveils new ad units

The Google-owned company is now offering a skippable ad unit and will soon be selling selectable video ads.

YouTube launched its TrueView Video Ads this week in Canada and the US, giving advertisers new options for video ads.

There are two new ad formats, though only one is immediately available.

TrueView In-Stream is up and running and allows viewers the chance to skip an ad after watching for five seconds. The advertiser only pays when the viewer has watched the full ad or 30 seconds, whichever is shorter.

Early results from the test phase in the US showed a view-through rate of 20% to 70%, and though more people would watch if they didn’t have the opportunity to opt-out, that doesn’t mean YouTube’s parent company, Google, will be losing money, Andrew Swartz, Google Canada spokesperson, tells MiC.

‘We find that while users may view fewer ads, the ones they will view will be more relevant to them, so advertisers will be willing to pay a higher premium for them,’ he says.

It also gives advertisers feedback on the placement of ads and improves the experience for visitors on two fronts, giving them the opportunity to skip ads and be given ads they might not want to skip.

‘One of the things we always talk about is, we want to provide the best user experience possible,’ Swartz says. ‘Users do expect to see ads, but we want our advertising to be informative and something that a user will want to see.’

The second new ad format YouTube is making available in the new year is TrueView In-Slate, which presents visitors with a slate of video ads they can choose from.