Facebook memes: the year’s top 10

Facebook Canada traces the most popular status updates of 2010 and points out the brands that have capitalized on them successfully.

If you want to know what was on Canadians’ minds in 2010, look no further than their status updates.

Facebook Canada revealed its ’2010 Memology: Top Status Trends in Canada’ report last week, shedding light on the topics that tie us together as a nation. Some of the results are surprising – cancer, for instance, was the second most popular status update in 2010 – while others are surprising only in that they aren’t higher on the list (Justin Bieber at #10? He was a top Twitter trend nearly all year!).

The most popular status update in Canada was Haiti (#5 globally), followed by cancer in #2 (not in the global top 10) and Olympics in #3 (which also didn’t rank globally). Hilariously, Jersey Shore made #4, while the more predicable ‘hockey’ pulled in at #5. Neither was in the top 10 globally. The rest of the top 10 rolled out in the following order: Farmville, World Cup, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Urban Dictionary and Justin Bieber.

Brands that tapped into trending Facebook topics include Telus, which translated its ‘Go Pink’ campaign onto Facebook, donating $1 to breast cancer detection equipment for local hospitals for every fan that turned their picture pink. The campaign increased the brand’s Facebook fans to half a million and raised $200,000 toward the pledge.

Molson also did well with its Olympics Facebook push, massively increasing its fanbase by offering Canadians the chance to personalize a Team Canada jersey and post it to their profile. The brand’s comprehensive Facebook push kick-started a fan-building frenzy for the brand, ultimately resulting in over 400,000 likes for the page. (Read more about Molson’s Olympic strategy here.)

Other top brand campaigns on Facebook in Canada this year include: Skittles, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Oreo and Coca-Cola.