MiC Picks: Three things with David Jones

The new VP of social strategy at Proximity Canada shares his thoughts on the most brilliant media executions of late.

To identify the work Canada’s media gurus think best exemplifies smart new media thinking, MiC regularly invites guest curators to share their thoughts on the Really Important Things That Are Happening in the mediaverse. Today, David Jones, the new VP of social strategy at Proximity Canada, shares the recent work he thinks is brilliant, theft-worthy and game-changing.

Simply Brilliant: ‘Finger Cooking With Bill’ by Boston Pizza

It takes a lot for me to notice a TV spot, but Boston Pizza’s ‘Finger Cooking with Bill’ really got my attention the first time I saw it and continues to give me a good chuckle with its knowing self-parody. Well written and expertly cast, ‘Finger Cooking with Bill’ hits the right note for its target: guys like me who know they should help out with the cooking, but can find endless reasons they can’t. Bill brings to mind the old Canadian Tire how-to pitchman with his bearded everyman charm and veneer of helpful neighbour as he reveals the answer to our cooking dilemma, hidden under a one-fingered oven glove: Finger Cooking, which we learn is surfing to BostonPizza.com to order delivery.

The 30-second spot is good, but the 15-second spot is even better with it’s opening line: ‘It’s your turn to cook, but you’re too busy lying down.’ Been there.

Ideas to Steal: Coke Zero LiveCycle Tron App

Who needs another collector cup? Coke Zero’s branded iPhone/Touch and Android app ushers in a new era of branded movie tie-ins. This Christmas, Disney reboots its innovative Tron movie with a sequel set 20 years after the original. Never being shy about milking their icons, the house of mouse has brought the original movie’s LightCycles back for round two. (I remember playing the Intellivision version of this game as a kid.)

Cleverly, Coke Zero has launched a branded app in advance of the movie’s release that brings location-based services, social networks and old-school gaming together into an immersive experience. Pretty cool.

Media Game Changer: I Am Playr – Nike

We’re not in Farmville anymore. I AM PLAYR from WeRinteractive.com is taking socially powered casual gaming to a whole new level through the world’s most popular sport: football (soccer to you heathens). Having Nike on board as an integrated sponsor doesn’t hurt street cred, but one look at the teaser reel and you can smell the money this gem will reel in when it launches in January.

This game combines point-of-view live action film to move the story along, traditional sports video gaming and social gaming for a truly immersive experience. Nike gear is featured throughout as the player goes through the ups and downs of a professional athlete’s life: training, nightlife, press, management, love triangles. (Catch the not-so-subtle Tiger Woods reference? Purely coincidental, I’m sure.)

We’ve seen brands involved in the video game world for a while, but the combination of cinematic elements in this game means products can be featured in a realistic way. I can’t wait to see this game explode in the new year.