Golden Globes win the week: BBM Canada, Jan 10 to 16

Ricky Gervais' controversial performance during the Jan. 16 broadcast helps CTV capture #1.

Here are the top-ranked shows in Canada (for all persons 2+; all times ET), according to BBM, for Jan. 10 to 16, 2011:

Monday: CTV Evening News at 6 p.m. on CTV captured top spot on both Monday and Friday nights, with average viewership of 1.967 million viewers over both broadcasts. The week prior, it was the IIHF World Juniors on TSN that won big, with a whopping 5.133 million viewers.

Tuesday: The original NCIS at 8 p.m. on Global dug deep for top spot on Tuesday, bringing in 2.540 million viewers. The week prior, CTV Evening News won the night with 1.791 million viewers.

Wednesday: The premiere of CBC’s Dragons’ Den at 8 p.m. breathed some fire into Wednesday, attracting 2.182 million viewers. The Wednesday prior, the IIHF tournament topped with 3.558 million viewers.

Thursday: CTV’s The Big Bang Theory ignited Thursday night with a strong showing of 2.555 million viewers, second for the week overall. Much of the audience stuck around too, as $#*! My Dad Says at 8:30 p.m. rung in at #5 overall and 2.187 million viewers.

Friday: CTV Evening News was the big winner here, with 1.967 million viewers. The week prior, CSI: New York on CTV at 9 p.m. beat CTV Evening News for the night’s win, attracting 1.814 million viewers

Saturday: As per winter-usual, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Game 1 at 6 p.m. topped Saturday with 1.981 million viewers, topping its previous week’s performance of 1.369 million viewers.

Sunday: The week’s big winner was the Golden Globes on CTV at 8 p.m., luring a strong 3.308 million viewers to tune in for the verbal drubbing Ricky Gervais unleashed. It was the best showing for the Globes on CTV in the last seven years.

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