Canadians satisfied with TV, survey says

This year's TV Trends and Quality Survey from Canadian Media Research indicates Canadians' attitudes toward TV are largely positive - except when it comes to 3D TV.

Most Canadians are satisfied with television, but buy-in for 3D TV will remain extremely low for the time being, according to the TV Trends and Quality Survey, released this week by Ottawa-based Canadian Media Research (CMR).

Over 80.8% of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with TV, up slightly from last year, when 79.2% were. Meanwhile, 41.9% of people said they’d be willing to pay $5 per month for better quality TV, up from last year’s 38%.

On average, according to the survey, Canadians watch 19 hours of TV per week, considerably more time than the 11 hours they spend online, and have 180 channels on their primary TV sets.

The TVQ Survey is a national survey of attitudes toward and use of television, the internet and cellphones. CMR has been conducting the annual survey since 2002.

The study had a sample of 1,438 Canadians (995 anglophones and 488 francophones) aged 18 and over and was conducted in November and December 2010.

While TV satisfaction remains quite high, interest in the next frontier, 3D TV, is low. More than 95% of respondents said it’s unlikely or very unlikely they’ll buy a 3D TV this year.

The practice of streaming TV shows on computers still hasn’t caught on in a big way, with just 18.7% of respondents saying they watch that way. An even smaller percentage, 14.7%, go online on their phones.

The perceived importance of CBC TV, the only Canadian network referred to in the survey excerpt, has declined in the past decade, but 91% of Anglophones are still satisfied or very satisfied with the network. That’s up from 87.2% last year. The percentage of people who watch CBC TV at least once a week continues to decrease, dropping to 64.3% from last year’s 67.8%. That’s down 10% from 2003.

The survey also found that 75% of Canadians have cellphones, but only 20% have smartphones and two in five send text messages.