Can eTalk help Ken win Barbie back?

Mattel Canada and CTV Brand Partnerships enter the couples-counselling business for tonight's episode of the celeb culture show.

Mattel Canada is taking Ken’s lovesick search for Barbie to the airwaves tonight at 7 p.m. with an exclusive interview on CTV’s eTalk.

Brokered through Carat’s Toronto office, Mattel worked with CTV Brand Partnerships, in collaboration with the show, to create four stop-motion animations that are being played through the four phases of Mattel’s current Barbie campaign.

The first phase showed Ken enjoying his life as a bachelor while eTalk host Ben Mulroney explained the situation in a voice-over, as he would any celebrity story. In tonight’s video, corresponding with the second phase of the ad campaign, Ken sits down for an interview to explain why he’s now trying to win Barbie back, Mary Kreuk, VP, marketing, CTV, tells MiC.

‘Because Barbie and Ken are dolls, it was natural for us to build a world using models to help tell the story,’ she says. ‘We scaled down the world of entertainment and shot all the scenes using stop motion. The process of building and shooting took about two weeks, including a few all-nighters.’

Ken and Barbie broke up on Valentine’s Day in 2004. Ken made appearances at fashion weeks in New York and Toronto as a swinging bachelor last year but now wants to reconcile.