Clear Channel stands tall at Pearson

The company's new DOOH prototype at Pearson was custom-built for airport wayfinding and interactive advertising.

It’s tall, dark and slim, and Clear Channel Canada is hoping that travellers and advertisers will be drawn to its handsome new DOOH prototype.

Standing 10 feet tall, the display was custom-created by Clear Channel Canada in a DOOH first for the company’s worldwide operations. Designed specifically for airport applications, it is currently installed at Toronto Pearson Airport’s Terminal 1 for its inaugural test run.

The dual-sided installation features four screens; two back-to-back vertical 103-inch HD plasma screens for advertising and a secondary interactive mini board that offers wayfinding and retail information.

The board was commissioned by Clear Channel Canada for live demonstration at Pearson Airport and designed to replace static wayfinding maps. The consumer can punch in their gate number and be shown how to get to their destination from their current location, as well as ATM and washroom locations.

The smaller interactive screens are also capable of advertising interactivity, Alain Simard, Clear Channel Outdoor Canada, explains to MiC. The screen can convert to a keyboard, allowing marketers to request consumer emails or phone numbers for instant e-coupons, SMS offers or survey-style Q&As.

‘The unit is really trying to marry the needs of the landlord, in this case the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, with its wayfinding capability, and the need of advertisers of trying to maximize their advertising dollars with incredible impact,’ Simard says.