Spotted! Smart gets stuck on cement trucks

The Mercedes-Benz brand has launched a new promo to tout the small turning radius of its Fortwo coupe.

Smart Canada’s looking to concretely demonstrate the maneuverability of its Fortwo coupe with its latest ambient promo.

Timed to coincide with the 2011 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto, the Mercedes-Benz brand, working with Proximity Canada and BBDO Toronto, has placed Fortwo decals on Toronto cement truck drums, turning them into mobile rotating billboards. The goal is to demonstrate the car model’s small turning radius.

‘The idea of using a cement truck to visually demonstrate the unique maneuverability of the Smart Fortwo supports our overall 2011 strategy to be seen as the real-life solution for urban mobility in Canada,’ Richard Trevisan, director, Smart Canada, tells MiC. ‘The concept of utilizing the motion of the truck to showcase the Smart Fortwo’s smallest turning radius has never been demonstrated in this way before and is also what makes this particular execution so compelling and unexpected.’

The trucks will travel on established construction site routes to minimize their environmental footprint, passing through high-traffic areas of the city. People who are stuck on Smart can track the trucks’ whereabouts on Facebook and the first five people to snap a photo of one of the trucks and post it will win two tickets to the AutoShow. The initiative will carry on for the next four weeks.