The Amazing Race makes jump to the top: BBM Canada, Feb. 28 to March 6, 2011

American Idol moves to second place with 2.5 million as finalists are narrowed down.

Monday: It’s a close call, but Castle on CTV beats out House on Global by some 20,000 viewers with 2.284 tuning in at 10 p.m. House was the winner the previous week with an audience of two million.

Tuesday: American Idol is moving up in the ratings as the finalists dwindle down, coming in first with its performance show by attracting 2.427 million viewers at 8 p.m. Global’s NCIS Los Angeles at 9 p.m, which this week was in second place, was most-watched the previous week with 1.983 million viewers.

Wednesday: American Idol‘s elimination round comes in second place for the week, winning the night with 2.5 million viewers at 8 p.m. The reality show brought in 2.746 million viewers the previous week.

Thursday: Big Bang Theory on CTV at 8 p.m. is the most-watched show of the night yet again, attracting 2.257 million fans. Big Bang had 3.447 million viewers the previous week

Friday: CTV Evening News at 6 p.m. is most-watched at the start of the weekend with 1.818 million Canadians tuned in. Blue Bloods drops in ratings from its place the previous week, when it had 1.963 million viewers.

Saturday: Hockey Night in Canada Game #1 on CBC at 7 p.m. was most-watched again with 1.666 million. However, this is a drop in audience from the previous week, when 2.340 million hockey fans were watching the game.

Sunday: The Amazing Race 18 on CTV at 8 p.m. was the most-watched show of the week with 2.786 million viewers. The Oscars were the ratings champ the previous week with 6.113 million.