Fight Network bows new look, campaign

The Leonard Asper-helmed network is taking to the streets to promote its new look and build up hype for UFC 129. (updated)

He donned the gloves in December and now Leonard Asper is taking the new look of the Fight Network to Toronto streets.

The channel, which covers all things combative, has a new look and new brand image, as well as dropping the ‘The’ in its name for a leaner moniker.

Fight Network will be getting its hands dirty this month with an experiential campaign executed in Toronto, developed by Toronto-based Brandworks.

Street teams will be deployed across the city sporting fight gear and raising a ruckus with improvised fighting experiences and stunts.

The experiential campaign is meant to build up hype for the highly anticipated UFC 129 event in Toronto on April 30, which marks the first UFC event to be held in Ontario. Previously, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting was banned in the province.

Extending the experiential elements into the online realm, Fight Network has also set up a campaign microsite (created by Mississauga-based Brand Momentum) that allows fans to track the street teams as they move around the city throughout April. On, fans can also enter to win a prize pack by sending in photos of the street teams in action, or sharing fight coordinates.

On the social front, the campaign will be supported with Facebook, Twitter and video strategies, including a YouTube channel where videos of the street team performances will be posted.

The network is also planning a launch event on April 27 for advertisers and media agencies to outline a ‘new approach’ to reaching males 18 to 34, Mark Winokur, VP, sale, told MiC in a lunchtime interview. 

‘Without giving away the punchline before we tell the joke, we’re going to simply address the ways that Fight Network will be able to target males 18 to 34 in a very specific way that perhaps is not available on traditional media,’ he said. ‘We’re a smaller network, we’re a little more nimble. There aren’t as many rules, regulations and policies in place so we’ll be able to make it pretty buyer-friendly.’

Posted at 10:30 a.m. by Media in Canada. Updated at 11:00 a.m.  and 1 p.m.

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