Trigger Networks expands service to North America

The company's Trigger-One tool seeks to make cross-border OOH planning and buying easier with its web-based database.

With a database of 155 media suppliers in 35 countries worldwide, Trigger Networks’ campaign management software can make organizing and buying out-of-home media easier for vendors, media agencies and buyers, the company’s CEO, Vincent Almela, tells MiC.

The Trigger-One platform works by logging every OOH face with a GPS location into a database on a single map so it can be cross-referenced with every other billboard in the network. That information is then added to Microsoft’s ‘cloud’ where it can be searched by media agencies, advertisers and vendors, says Almela.

‘The system is able to identify which faces on a map are able to meet your needs within a certain distance because it is working off a single map,’ he explains. ‘It works in real time in a user-friendly way and is simple enough to be used on an iPad.’

Designed specifically to ease cross-border purchase of OOH media, the system’s single-source database and map means it can quickly search over two million faces to find the best billboards for a particular campaign, says Almela. This includes seeking out multiple faces in one mapped area as well as highlighting potential competitors in the market.

Trigger Networks is currently populating the software with North American data and has populated the system with inventory in New York City, Atlanta and Boston. The company will also assist agencies and advertisers to find OOH in cities not yet in the system, and add them, Almela says.

Trigger Networks launched the tool and began collecting data in 2005. European vendors on board include CBS Outdoor in Spain and Clear Channel in France.