Trendy Torontonians buy phones for ‘cool’ factor: study

Delvinia's Asking Canadians Mobile PRIZM C2 Link offers a glimpse into Canadians' mobile use by geography.

Where in Toronto are people most likely to buy a mobile device based on its “cool factor”?

That’s one of the questions Toronto-based digital firm Delvinia asked in its latest Asking Canadians poll, the results of which have been combined with Environics’ Prizm C2 segmenting platform.

The survey, completed in December 2010 and involving over 20,000 people, found consumers living in “young, vibrant” neighbourhoods of Toronto such as Church and Wellesley, Kensington Market and Liberty Village were more likely to buy a phone based on it being the latest and greatest technology rather than for price, functionality or ease of use.

The Prizm’s C2 platform segments Canadian neighbourhoods into 66 unique lifestyle types in an effort to categorize audiences more easily for advertisers. Combining Prizm C2 with Delvinia’s Asking Canadians research will result in greater access to information about the mobile habits of Canadians for advertisers, Delvinia CEO Adam Froman says.

“There is very little information about mobile behaviours out there,” he tells MiC. “This adds one more layer of depth. Especially because of the growth and explosion of mobile this is something that companies can really use quickly.”

Environics Analytics has also recently used its Prizm C2 software in partnership with Adcentricity to bring another layer of data to the DOOH industry.