Rona moves its magazine online

The renovation superstore aims to increase frequency and reach a wider audience with its online magazine.

Rona is aiming to reach more of its target demographic of urban female homeowners who are interested in renovations by moving its quarterly print magazine, Ronamag, online. The online magazine launches this week and will be updated daily to keep content fresh.

The magazine, which has been in print for three years, was distributed to 330,000 people across Canada, Karim Salabi, VP, marketing, image and sponsorships at Rona, tells MiC.

“The objective behind the print magazine remains true with the online one, to inspire customers,” he says. “We wanted the content to be more dynamic, to be able to be renewed and refreshed on a daily basis with video and stories which might not be relevant in a quarterly magazine.”’

Media to promote the online magazine on the Transcontinental and Olive Media networks was handled by the Montreal office of Sid Lee, as was the creative. Content for the magazine was created with Montreal-based Newad Edition. Rona’s media agency is Carat.

The online magazine is without advertising for the immediate future, says Salabi, because it is meant to inspire, not sell specific products.