Video: Rethinking geo at ICA Future Flash 2011

Location Based Marketing Association founder Asif Khan tells MiC about the latest in geo-marketing.

Location Based Marketing Association founder Asif Khan started his talk, aptly titled ‘The Death of Geo,’ on day one of the ICA Future Flash 2011 conference with the statement that the way advertisers use location-based marketing now is over.

Khan said there are currently 102 million ‘places’ logged online using sites like Foursquare and Facebook Places, with over 231 million users and 1.3 billion impressions – numbers that are going to expand massively with the introduction of WiFi internet in most new cars, said Khan.

‘Imagine you are stuck in traffic in Toronto on the DVP in a car with WiFi,’ he said. ‘A billboard could be displayed on your windshield and change depending on where you are located.’

Khan also noted companies should start taking all media opportunities into consideration when planning campaigns. For example, a QR-coded billboard across from a Starbucks could complement an in-store check in, adding a different level of engagement and measurement.

MiC caught up with Khan to ask him what excites him most about the future of geo-targeted marketing, who is doing it well and what brands can do to get started.