CBC to pilot two more

Wish List, from Entertainment One, and Gavin Crawford's Wild West have been ordered by the Ceeb.

The CBC has ordered to pilot two more projects: Wish List from screenwriter Sean Reycraft (Degrassi:TNG, Being Erica) and Entertainment One, and a mockumentary about western Canadians top-lined by comic and actor Gavin Crawford (This Hour Has 22 Minutes).

Wish List, a road trip drama, tells the story of Kara, a 30-something wife and mother, who decides after losing her husband to reconnect with her daughter, her mother-in-law and herself. The trio pile into a recreational vehicle and start their journey, only to find adventure and healing around a small town’s wishing well. Reycraft’s TV credits include Slings & Arrows and The Eleventh Hour in Canada, and 90210 and The Vampire Diaries stateside.

The CBC also picked up Gavin Crawford’s half-hour comedy pilot Gavin Crawford’s Wild West. The multi-character mockumentary pokes fun at western Canadians.