Smartphone ownership up 50%: Ipsos Reid

A study says smartphone usage is up most amongst young adults, with almost half of users now checking social media sites on their devices. 

Canadians are snatching up smartphones at a rapid-fire rate, with three-in-ten now owning a device, according to the latest Ipsos Inter@ctive Reid Report.

This stat marks an increase of over 50% since the last survey in spring 2010. As device ownership rises, so does usage, with smartphone users now spending 17.3 hours a week using their devices.

Not surprisingly, smartphone ownership is highest among Canadians aged 18 to 34, with 46% having a device and using it for 20.6 hours per week.

And what are Canadians doing with their smartphones? According to the study, 54% are using them for activities other than talking, with over a quarter utilizing more than 10 functions on their smartphone.

The most dramatic increase in smartphone use is connected to social networking, with 48% of owners checking sites like Facebook and Twitter on their devices, an increase of nearly 20% since spring 2010.

Also of note, 70% of Canadian smartphone owners take photos with their devices, 70% read or send email, 52% check the weather and 52% send or receive IMs.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos Reid online between March 16 and 25, 2011 and asked 834 Canadians about their smartphone habits.