BlackCreek Music Festival climbs to first place: Media Monitors, May 30 to June 5, 2011

Rogers Bundle comes in second to the festival in Toronto, and Dormez-vous tops government advertising in Montreal.

The BlackCreek Music Festival, which sat at #2 for the last two weeks, has made the jump to #1 in radio ad buys in the Toronto area with a buy of 848 spots, according to Media Monitors.

This marks an upswing in radio ad buy purchases with 116 spots more than the previous front-runner Pizza Pizza, who dropped to #3 this week.

Coming in at #2 with 678 purchased spots is Rogers Bundle, moving up from #4 last week.

In Montreal, the Government of Canada moved back down to #2 after a one-week stint at the top and made way for mattress retailer Dormez-vous, which took the #1 slot with a purchase of 229 spots, in a move from last week’s #4.

Revenu Québec came in at #3 on the Montreal charts this week with 171 spots purchased.