Blog: Cannes is off with a bang

Media Experts CEO Lauren Richards gives MiC readers a front-row view of the first days at the Palais.

Lauren Richards is CEO of Media Experts. She is blogging the Cannes International Festival of Creativity for MiC.

Cannes 2011 has indeed begun and there’s as much anticipation in the air as cynicism. Entries and attendance are up in leaps and bounds and it’s already really busy here.

Typically the week starts gradually, with the newer Cannes disciplines kicking things off and the excitement and attendees growing through mid week.  More and more it appears people are coming in earlier, attempting to get a handle on all categories by attending more seminars.

The restaurants are already crowded, the Palais is buzzing.

The media short list is out and media isn’t going to be contributing in a large way to Canada’s Cannes performance.

Peter Mak and Nykolai Hrytsyk from Starcom MediaVest Group Canada do us proud in the Young Lions Zone where they made their patriotic display

We have a measly three on the shortlist, looks like none of them from media agencies.  This should be a wake-up call to the media agency industry in Canada. It’s sure motivation for me.  This whole experience is.  The inspiration of being exposed and getting involved with the best from the world is not just a privilege, it’s a necessity to grow, to get better.  It doesn’t have to be first-hand, but reviewing and making sure you are exposed to this work should be high on everyone’s radar – clients, creatives, sellers and media agencies alike.

The digital media companies continue their Cannes takeover – AOL, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and more are entertaining, engaging, doing seminars, promoting their latest and greatest opportunities and technologies.

I’m off to go through all the shortlisted cases, much more to report as the week unfolds.