Media Experts launches campaign for good

Partnering with Zulu Alpha Kilo, the media co aims to use its skills to shape a better Canada.

Media Experts and Toronto-based creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo have teamed up to launch “People for Good,” a multi-platform media campaign with the sole intention of creating a better Canada one good deed at a time.

Mark Sherman, executive chair, Media Experts, tells MiC his company partnered to launch the French and English cross-country campaign, because, simply put, the temperature of society today is not good and he wanted to do something about it.

“Media Experts is involved in doing many charitable events; it occurred to me that we do a number of activities that could be done by any kind of professional services but don’t do that much to leverage our professional skills,” he says. “At the end of the day we are in the business of changing attitudes. I thought, ‘What if I could harness the habits of Canadian companies to change the lives of Canadian people?’”

Over 300 media properties have donated space for the campaign across Canada, including OOH billboards, mini-boards in bathrooms and resto-lounges, print magazines and newspapers and a website. An iPad and iPhone app was also created with Toronto-based Thinking Box as part of the campaign.

Zak Mroueh, president  and creative director of Zulu Alpha Kilo, says the campaign is disarming for consumers who are used to advertising selling them something.

“We are just trying to get people to be nicer to each other,” he says. “Our belief is that by doing good things, everyone can change the world. It might seem like the campaign is suggesting small things, but if everyone does them, these things will make a big difference.”

Mroueh says plans are in the works for an expansion of the campaign around the holiday season.