Fix Auto tells collision stories

The auto repair company is highlighting life's little accidents with a new radio and outdoor campaign in French Canada.
Auto Fix

In its latest advertising campaign, Fix Auto attempts to show that there is no need to hide behind the shame of getting into a car accident because “each collision has its own story.”

“When you go to see the auto shop, sometimes you feel ashamed and you don’t want to tell people what happened,” Erwan Picard, VP brand management, Zoum Armada (the agency behind the creative and media) tells MiC, adding that accidents can happen to anyone for any reason.

Picard says that to reach consumers, typically between the age range of 25 and 54, while on their commute, the agency placed billboards in high traffic areas in the Montreal region and in Quebec City, as well as six radio spots that depict the unfolding of an unexpected car accident.

The creative for the Quebec-based auto repair company’s campaign is a new look for the brand, says Picard. In the past, Fix Auto would only focus on communicating the services it provides consumers, but now the brand is looking to communicate compassion and show that it understands that “behind each event or accident, there is always a reason. It could be simple, it could be their mistake, it could have a funny story, but nobody is perfect,” he adds.

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