Pattison Onestop launches online Ad Shop

The OOH company has made its portfolio of indoor digital faces available for online purchase through a new site.

Pattison Onestop has launched Ad Shop, a site that makes all of the OOH company’s indoor digital faces available for online purchase.

The site, which is aimed at bringing additional small- and medium-sized businesses to Pattison Onestop, allows customers to search for faces by location, and go through the process of creating and purchasing the ad online.

“Small- and medium-sized businesses need a tool to be able to play on the same level as larger businesses and have access to this media,” Michael Girgis, president of Pattison Onestop, tells MiC. “We believe that this self-service tool is filling a gap in the industry. I think it will appeal to the advertiser who wants to do the hyper-local advertising buy.”

Prices on the new site will be based on audience size around the face, and start at $2 a day, says Girgis.