Bleublancrouge teams with AcuityAds to offer RTB

The creative agency is building its media offering, allowing clients to buy display and video inventory and build consumer profiles.
Copied from strategy - handshake

In a bid to build up the media side of its business, Montreal-based creative agency Bleublancrouge has partnered with Canadian RTB company AcuityAds.

The two-year partnership will allow Bleublancrouge to offer RTB services to its clients through Acuity’s RTB platform, while managing the platform in-house. This includes offering advertisers access to Acuity’s ad exchanges, which include display and video inventory, as well as its data tools for building consumer profiles and measuring campaign effectiveness.

Patrick Lavallée, media supervisor, Bleublancrouge, tells MiC that the partnership is a good fit for the agency because it will help it compete with larger media groups, which also have in-house RTB systems, from both a cost and efficiency standpoint.

Using Bleublancrouge’s client Toyota Dealers of Quebec as an example, he says the partnership will allow the carmaker to build individual consumer profiles for each of its vehicle models, and then use Acuity’s data tools to buy inventory against those profiles and better target its consumers.

Lavallée says the partnership with Acuity is an important part of Bleublancrouge’s plans when it comes to the digital side of its business, given that advertisers are rapidly increasing their investments in RTB and demanding more data before they spend their ad dollars.