New Maytag Man anchors multi-million dollar campaign


Maytag is introducing an updated Maytag Man in a new multi-million dollar, digital-focused advertising campaign. The revamped brand character will keep the iconic blue suit and hat, but now instead of standing idly by while the Maytag appliances fail to break down, the new Maytag Man becomes the machines he represents and will do the washing and cleaning, personifying the brand’s stated values of “reliability, durability and power.”

Gina Flinton, senior brand manager, Maytag Canada, tells MiC that the media spend is larger than a typical Maytag campaign. “We’ve always evolved (the Maytag Man) over time, but this is big.”

With media by MediaCom in Canada and North American-wide creative by Chicago-based Team 180, the campaign targeting women 25 to 54 will launch in Canada on Jan. 23, first with a series of videos to play on Maytag Canada’s new site and social channels where customers can interact with the Maytag Man through Facebook and Twitter. That launch coincides with a digital buy on sites like Style at Home, Canadian Living and the Olive Media network, as well as paid social buys and video pre-roll. Flinton says there will be lots of video content on YouTube and the Maytag website.

Once consumers are familiar with the new man, says Flinton, national TV spots on a mix of conventional and specialty channels will amplify the campaign in mid-April and run for six weeks, with another burst to come in the back half of the year.

The brand has in-store activations planned for June 2014. Flinton tells MiC that Maytag Canada is also developing a contest for Canadian consumers set to run later this year through its digital channels.

The digital first, television second approach is a big change from what Maytag has done in the past, says Flinton. “Those (digital) channels lend themselves really well to provide all the content and videos so our audience really understands who this new Maytag Man is.”

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  • lexington lexington

    Digital does not work. Digital and social are the new bright shiny toys that everyone wants. The only stream that works in that medium is SEARCH. “Likes” dont’ get the cash register to ring, no one watches YouTube ads, noone clicks on banners unless they spend their lives watching the paint dry on regular basis. It is THE most annoying and turn-off medium. People get on their computers to work or get information THEY want, not to be bombarded by stupid ads. When watching TV, the viewer is in a different mindset ‘ relaxed/ok to be entertained with information being served via commercials’. Digital media is a turn-off. People have threatened to walk away from products “if they see “that” commercial one more time”. Well they don’t actually “see” it as they click it off in 3 seconds. And the numbers – that is a joke – impressions are counted even if the ad is not visible. There is no accountability on the “currency” – why spend there? Search or nothing else. Mainstream will always remain the PRIMARY source to serve advertising/information. The digital bubble is bursting already, just that noone wants to admit it.!!

  • Kris

    There definitely is a level of resentment towards digital in the tone of your comment. If you think that digital is just search, banners, and video ads you’ve got a lot to learn.

    Television is a suffering medium with decreasing numbers, as opposed to online+mobile which is increasing every fiscal year at staggering rates.

    Sounds to me like we’ve got a 40+ year old planner that hasn’t gotten with then”times” on our hands here.

    Don’t let the digital boat leave without you

  • Cam West

    Kris? …. as in Fabish?

  • lexington lexington

    No sir, it has not left without me. One needs to embrace digital in a logical manner not just dive into it cuz the “other guy” is. TV will always remain the mass medium of choice. It can stand alone. Digital will never be able to stand alone. Finally if TV was heading south, people would not be buying multiple units, that too 60″ flatscsreens. Digital ads will ALWAYS be a turn-off. 90% of the time people are at their computers to work whereas 100% of the time people watch TV to be entertained, thus the commercial is consumed in a more favourable manner. Have a good day.