Lacroix asks Canadians to talk about the CBC


Hubert Lacroix is asking Canadians to provide input into where they think the CBC should go next.

While announcing the call for opinions during a speech at the Canadian Club of Montreal yesterday, the president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada acknowledged times are tough for the pubcaster, with recent announcements of $130 million in budget cuts and the elimination of 657 full-time positions.

Lacroix says the latest round of cuts at the pubcaster is one of three he has had to announce since starting at the CBC in 2008, impacting an equivalent of 2,107 full-time positions.

He says the latest announcements have caused waves of reaction, ranging from concern to questioning and heartfelt appeals to anger and accusation. Lacroix wants these reactions to be channeled into a conversation about what the CBC needs to become, rather than slipping into talks of what it once was.

“We need to make investments – smart investments – in people, technologies and programming that will meet the changing needs of Canadians and of a changing Canada,” he said. “To do that costs money. If we can’t generate new revenues or our funding model doesn’t change, we’ll need to take existing dollars away from services we’re currently offering, to pay for those we need to be offering in the future.”

Looking at things including the role of public broadcasters, the advertising landscape and changing consumer media habits in Canada, Lacroix is calling for people to give input into where they would like the CBC to go next. He is asking for Canadians to log onto or and talk about the importance of public broadcasting and the future of the CBC.

The CBC will be presenting its fall slate of programming at its upfront on May 29th in Toronto.

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  • Doug & Grace Brown

    It is a crime to dismantle Public Broadcasting in Canada. The Harper Conservatives have been stonewalling anything that that might criticize their narrow Neo-Conservative agenda. Their ultimate goal is to completely privatize the C.B.C. The C.B.C., in my opinion, has been very effective in helping keep our vast country together. They have always promoted balanced journalism, which Conservatives see as radical Socialism, and they have showcased Canadian talent in practically every conceivable way possible.
    We are very disappointed that Harper Conservatives will spend Hundreds of Billions of dollars on things like F-35 jets, subsidies to Fossil Fuel Companies, tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations and yet will cut something as socially important as the C.B.C.
    Doug & Grace Brown,
    Westbank, B.C.

  • Cam West

    I worked for a private broadcaster for 25 years. The CBC does and can do many things better. Lets start with a President who actually has some kind of vision. The last few are sort of “nameless”, “faceless” nobodies. Asking the public? How about asking yourself; that’s what you are paid for! And the current “guy” gives away the bread and butter. No wonder the place is in turmoil…again. I would watch a program, no matter what its origin or pedigree is… long as its good. CBC programs, and again, now or soon to be without HNIC, are….excuse the pun, laughable (not). The lead-in to HNIC many nights recently as been canned, old episodes of Just for Laughs gags…with canned laughter. These are brutal, shlock, not the least bit…like I said…laughable. No wonder smart, young, guys like Alan Dark have left!