Rogers Communications’ Guy Laurence unveils change strategy

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Rogers Communications’ media division under president Keith Pelley remains intact, but much else at the Canadian wireless and cable giant will change as newly installed CEO Guy Laurence on Friday unveiled a multi-year plan to improve company earnings momentum and customer service. The company’s new structure is called “Rogers 3.0″ and focuses on pillars including driving meaningful growth in the market and focusing on innovation and market leadership.

Communications topper Rob Bruce will leave at the end of the year, and oversee the consumer business unit until then.

Rogers earlier announced that EVP of regulatory Phil Lind will step away from the executive suite, and remain as a consultant to the company for three years.

Earlier this week, Rogers also said a restructuring of the marketing division will see EVP marketing and CMO John Boynton and SVP of brands Shelagh Stoneham leave the company.

Dale Hooper becomes Rogers’ chief brand officer, responsible for brand management, while Larry Baldachin is named interim president of the enterprise business unit and Mike Adams becomes interim chief customer officer.

“This structure will help streamline the organization, clarify accountabilities and make us more agile,” said Laurence in a statement on Friday.

“We will focus on fewer, more impactful initiatives and execute with more precision to deliver on our game plan,” the former Vodafone UK head added.

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  • Cam West

    Not sure how this “streamlines” the organization when they are still very top-heavy with VPs, SVPs, and EVPS….especially in the media division. Way too many VPs of Sales, radio, TV, digital, etc., etc.

  • lexington lexington

    blah blah blah blah…..making his “mark” – don’t they all? This guy fired Ted Rogers son I believe. Whatever. He is the “current flavour” – when he “leaves the company” this successor will make “his” mark. This company is busy firing sales people – the only “staff” that brings in the revenue – and hanging on to the “VPs” – even as far as creating senior level job position(s) when there wasn’t one before!! Way to go.

  • Roger Rogers

    Right, he is the “current” flavour…partly because Ted Rogers son isn’t! If Ted Rogers son was any good, he would have been made President a long time ago, but Ted himself recognized his only son didn’t have what it took to run the company. BTW, this is common knowledge at Rogers. He’s had a cozy “exec” operating position only because of his last name. He’s about as comfortable in the public light as Obama at a Taliban party in Yemen! Why do you think you always see pictures of his wife, and not him for example?

  • Roger Rogers

    And btw Ms. Lexi Lexi….he didn’t fire Ted’s son. He may have “fired” him…or had him move on….from his Exec. VP role, but Ted’s son is still on the Board of Directors and the head of the family trust that controls the company.

  • lexington lexington

    I know. But thanks for the reaffirm. And I am not a Ms. Last time I checked Lexington, like Roger Rogers would be attached to the male gender. Have a good weekend.

  • Guest

    Get rid of Mike Adams. Lazy, and has Tim Wyllie, other strategic VPs doing all his work for him.

    btw Roger Rogers, you do not know what you are talking about. Tsk tsk, you obviously are an employee who “assumes” to know the ins and out of the Rogers family. Edward Rogers is very clued up on the company and prefers to have a balanced life and not be 24/7 at work
    like Ted Rogers suffering multi heart attacks. So what if his wife often featured in the media. She is beautiful and the media love her. She does a lot of charity work. Mr. Rogers doesn’t need media exposure, he is established.

  • lexy lexy

    Boy are you correct….or were! Evidently the new guy agrees with you; subsequent to this story Rogers announced 15% of VPs and above have been let go. Lets hope its a meaningful #!