Bell Media searching for new head of sales


Bell Media Sales head Luc Sabbatini has announced he will be leaving his post at the end of 2014, according to a release from the company.

Succession plans for Sabbatini, who came over to Bell Media when it purchased Astral Media in the summer of 2013, will be announced later this fall.

“This spring, Luc informed me of his desire to pursue other business and personal interests,” said Kevin Crull, president at Bell Media in the release. “While saddened by his decision, I nonetheless respect it and appreciate the fact that he gave us such long notice. Luc has been a fantastic partner and I’m extremely grateful to him for executing his vision of a new way for our sales teams to work together and do business. In just 15 months, Luc has completed a major transformation of Bell Media Sales. I’m very excited for the new adventures that await Luc and wish him well in the future.”

During his time at Bell Media, Sabbatini has brought all divisions of the company together under one roof. He was responsible for all national and conventional TV and specialty, radio, OOH, digital and multi-platform sales as well as brand partnerships and sales marketing at the company.

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  • Jack B. Nimble

    He’s the Tim Leiweke of our own Bell division! Come and gone….can’t even make 2 years. It’s truly a joke here at HELL Media since the phone company came in!

  • lexington lexington

    No one leaves an incredibly well-paying job in this economy – unless they have lost their marbles OR their boss is not someone one would want to work for. How can Crull (clearly, he ain’t goin’ anywhere fast) be “very exicted” about something he is clueless of..? Luc has not disclosed details of his “business and personal interests” he is wanting to pursue. Shallow nonsense.
    Sure he brought all the divisions together and put a lot of people on the curb in the process. Now we have blind leading the blind. It is not the same company…And . now….. he is out. Power of karma.
    Sales folks are petrified of giving a bonus spot to their clients (who put food on their table) – that request has to go up the foodchain and 10 people have to sign off. And the newly promoted team in finance (their bosses from the old CTV division were all let go) does not return emails or phonecalls. Talk about productivity.

  • Jack B. Nimble

    Exactly (the “OR” part). More direct reports have left…..or told to leave…in 3 years than in the previous 10 combined. I hear the reason Luc lasted this long is he spent most of his time in Montreal anyway, was hardly seen in Toronto. The previous head of Sales worked 30 years! Good Luc to you.