Two-thirds of Canadians okay with branded content: survey

Yahoo Canada releases a study on online users, detailing how they consume content.
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Ever wondered if your online branded content is getting you the kind of eyeballs you want? Yahoo Canada has recently released a survey that may give you the insight you want on the content Canadians consume.

The “Talking Content” study, which surveyed 1,000 digital content consumers covered respondents across the country in both English and French Canada with 39% from Ontario, 24% from Quebec and 30% from the West.

According to the study, 75% of respondents consume some entertainment content at least once a week, with 61% consuming lifestyle content and 53% travel content for the same time period.

About two-thirds of those surveyed said that they did not have a problem with brand sponsorships around entertainment, travel and beauty content.

Brand recall was highest in the lifestyle category. Consumers were most open to seeing branded content in the travel category. Respondents said that they spent the most time for each online session with content around entertainment, travel and beauty and style. 

The top five categories for women included lifestyle, travel, entertainment, DIY/decor and beauty/style. Men surveyed ranked travel, entertainment, technology, politics/world news and autos/cars as their #1 to #5.

Based on the results, Yahoo Canada released its best-practices-by-category list. For instance, 49% of those surveyed reported that their motivation to consume content in the auto category was motivated by a need “to make an informed decision.” That, Yahoo notes, is an opportunity to “highlight brand identity” by advertising vehicles that make consumers want to take those wheels out for a spin. In February this year, partnered with Yahoo to develop a native advertising campaign aimed at reaching potential buyers before they were ready to purchase. 

Some 52% of lifestyle content consumption was for self-development and learning. Yahoo Canada’s best practices list notes that to fuel growth and development in this space, marketers can help customers achieve their goals by developing engaging brand integrations.

Of the 1,000 people who participated in the survey, boomers made up 41%, while those in the 32-to-54 age group were 32% and millennials (18 to 34) were 27% of the total. Men made up 49% of the gender composition and women, 51%.