Porter Airlines ties up with Totem

The airline company has partnered with the Toronto-based agency to handle all media sales for its in-flight magazine.

Can you spot the new sales rep?

Media sales for Porter Airlines’ in-flight magazine  re:porter will now be handled entirely by Toronto-based agency Totem. The agency already handles sales for Emirates Airlines’ and British Airways’ magazines.

Porter Airlines mapRe:porter, which is published bi-monthly, gives readers curated writing, photography and artwork for each destination on Porter Airline’s route map. It also features one of the sector’s best runway time-killers, the “one of these things is not like the other” back page with mascot Mr. Porter (no word on if Mr. Porter is okay with brand integration opps in his territory.)

Because of its focus on neighbourhoods, local businesses and community leaders, the publication offers advertising opportunities for local establishments in those cities.

Porter Airline flies to 23 destinations (see map, right), including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in Canada and New York, Chicago and  Miami in the U.S. Its magazine has a reach of 2.6 million passengers annually.