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Jetix’s pan-Euro media Quest

If you’re planning a European media buy and think kids in Holland are pretty much the same as kids in Italy, you might want to crack open a copy of Quest before you commit any marketing money. Published in December 2004 by Jetix Europe, this media planning bible is overflowing with TV viewing and entertainment consumption stats on kids in 17 different countries.
To avoid being dismissed as mere propaganda, Quest ventures beyond the Walt Disney offshoot Jetix empire to paint a complete broadcasting picture including all terrestrial, cable and satellite channels that transmit kids programming. The book is broken down into sections that take a look at things such as: when kids in each country are out of school and likely to be glued to the tube; and television viewing habits (complete with illustrative charts and graphs detailing channel ratings and audience share data. There’s also a region-by-region overview of promotional events that advertisers may want to market around, such as rock concerts in the Netherlands, in-store events in the U.K. and Serbia’s Children’s Day holiday. Quest was compiled by Jetix’s new commercial sales unit, which the company set up in London last spring to offer its clients and advertisers cross-media solutions that are sensitive to the cultural differences dividing Europe.


Outdoor gets hyper

Talk about interactive outdoor. Thanks to new technology developed by Cambridge, England-based tech company Hypertag, consumers merely have to point their mobile at a billboard to download content. And no, it’s not a tool that will take eons to get to Canada. Hypertag director Jonathan Morgan says he’s already talking to potential partners here and is planning to have the platform up and running within the next six months.
It works like this: A small chip is imbedded in posters or billboards in major city centres. Passersby can activate the chips’ infrared technology with their cellphone to receive more information about the product, enter a contest, download a free ringtone or receive a coupon.