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Axe media campaign to compete at Venice Fest

The inaugural two-day conference and exhibition will look at how brands, agencies and media owners can create impactful advertising.


TV cleans up for spring: Nielsen Media Research Spend Trend

Fortunately, heels and pearls are no longer the required attire for spring cleaning in TV commercials.


On the MiC: JumpTV’s Scott Paterson on IPTV’s biz model

Is the world really ready to watch TV over the Internet?


Mid-April launch for redesigned Globe properties

The Globe and Mail is gearing up for its biggest change in a decade.


Shutterbugs prolific in more ways than one: BBM Media Snapshot

Camera-loving Canucks are 2.2 times more likely to be visited by the stork.


On the MiC with: C Squared’s Charlie Crowe

Which country is leading the pack when it comes to media innovation? Hint, hockey and donuts are among its cultural icons.


Super Bowl XLI ad poll: Canadians liked Bud, hated Dion

Every year, Canadian advertisers pay big bucks to reach the millions of eyeballs tuned in to the NFL’s annual love-fest for America’s favourite sport. Are they getting their money’s worth? Yesterday, Solutions Research Group of Toronto conducted a survey of Canadians 12-plus to find out.


WOM study: 15% of consumers generate more than 1/3 of buzz

Not all consumers are created equal: A small group of WOM influencers generate over one-third of brand conversations. And they’re not who you think they are . . .


Canada unlikely to follow US lead in TV audience measurement

For the US, a day is going to be defined as 27 hours by Nielsen Media Research. But north of the border – as discussed at yesterday’s CARF workshop – we’re sticking with the status quo until a better, strictly Canuck-tailored solution is worked out.


CRTC weighs in on future of broadcasting

The just-released CRTC report on the future of broadcasting in Canada predicts a major shift of audio-video via personal digital technologies over the next five years. Not exactly a big surprise – but some of the Commission’s other statements may raise eyebrows.


Nokia rolls its first online video
to launch new 6133 device

After The Media Company brought in hard data showing that online video is the best way to reach the brand’s bulls-eye target group, Nokia decided to launch its new, full-bells-and-whistles device with exactly that, plus a contest.


Posting ads on AOL Radio reaches Canadians at work

Advertisers can now fine-tune their audience with commercial-free radio, thanks to the newly launched AOL Radio (, a no-charge music service featuring 170 different stations.


Pre-roll video ads debut on is the latest media site to offer pre-roll video ads within its online program and news clips. And just one of the Ceeb’s shows has already racked up more than 400,000 hits in a single month.

News rolls out on-demand advertising in Quebec

Ads on demand. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Rising young media star: GJP’s Fairbairn

Based in San Fran with a remit that also spans Toronto and Cincinnatti, and entails traditional as well as online strategy, planning and buying, Nick Fairbairn covers a lot of ground. And delivers.