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Canada unlikely to follow US lead in TV audience measurement

For the US, a day is going to be defined as 27 hours by Nielsen Media Research. But north of the border – as discussed at yesterday’s CARF workshop – we’re sticking with the status quo until a better, strictly Canuck-tailored solution is worked out.


CRTC weighs in on future of broadcasting

The just-released CRTC report on the future of broadcasting in Canada predicts a major shift of audio-video via personal digital technologies over the next five years. Not exactly a big surprise – but some of the Commission’s other statements may raise eyebrows.


Nokia rolls its first online video
to launch new 6133 device

After The Media Company brought in hard data showing that online video is the best way to reach the brand’s bulls-eye target group, Nokia decided to launch its new, full-bells-and-whistles device with exactly that, plus a contest.


Pre-roll video ads debut on is the latest media site to offer pre-roll video ads within its online program and news clips. And just one of the Ceeb’s shows has already racked up more than 400,000 hits in a single month.


Posting ads on AOL Radio reaches Canadians at work

Advertisers can now fine-tune their audience with commercial-free radio, thanks to the newly launched AOL Radio (, a no-charge music service featuring 170 different stations.

News rolls out on-demand advertising in Quebec

Ads on demand. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Rising young media star: GJP’s Fairbairn

Based in San Fran with a remit that also spans Toronto and Cincinnatti, and entails traditional as well as online strategy, planning and buying, Nick Fairbairn covers a lot of ground. And delivers.


Ears more receptive to advertising than eyes

Radio is more of a ‘mood’ medium, according to a new study.


SRG: The future of TV is on-demand; the question is how…

DVRs, Cablecos, Interweb vie for top spot as TV interface model of the future.


‘There’s no shame to being third when you’re trying something new.’ – On the MiC with Shelley Palmer

Shelly Palmer is a true television pioneer. He invented Enhanced Television, has weekly business news shows seen on public TV and online, writes a popular TV business news blog, and has even composed theme songs and award-winning music for many television shows. Palmer, managing director of NYC’s Advanced Media Ventures, is also an expert on how disruptive innovations and emerging platforms are revolutionizing media and entertainment. MiC caught up with him to get his read on where the mediaverse is headed, prior to his presentation at the second annual Media in Canada Forum: Getting to Engagement on October 3.


‘Incredibly dynamic environment requires us to rethink models of engagement’ – On the MIC with Paul Woolmington

When media folks talk about holistic planning, Naked Communications is the shop most describe as the Holy Grail. The UK-HQ’d agency recently opened an office in NYC headed up by former Media Kitchen top chef Paul Woolmington. He’ll be in Toronto next month for the second annual Media in Canada Forum: Getting to Engagement. MiC asked him for a preview of his keynote speech, in which he will discuss the path to what he terms ‘communications nirvana.’

Which brands get engagement? ‘Mini, for one. It’s an iconoclastic brand. And if you’re working on a brand like that and you can’t create engagement, you might as well shoot yourself. The same goes for an iconic brand like Virgin. They have a head start because they’re bursting with personality and obviously have a lot going for them. Where I live in northwest Connecticut, there was a Mini Cooper day at Lime Rock racetrack and 10,000 to 15,000 Mini enthusiasts attended, some driving all the way from the west coast.


Rising young media star

This is the ninth installment of our ‘Rising Young Media Stars’ series, in which we profile the next gen media minds. Curious as to who these new thinkers were, and what they were thinking, strategy and Media in Canada canvassed the industry, asking media shops to single out their top innovative and strategic recruits. And we’re scouting for more of the same – so tell us about the hot talent in your shop.

Heather Loosemore
Media planner/buyer, Genesis Media, Toronto

Claim to fame: Bringing in banners, backgrounds and big boxes to create a high-impact, contest-driven campaign on and for Bacardi Breezers (a joint venture with john st.) ‘In downtown Toronto,’ she says, ‘you can’t miss the combination of wild postings and OOH, plus a viral online campaign to drive consumers to a unique URL to answer the question: ‘What is better than beer?’ This was for Bacardi MIXX and really spoke to the young, socially active male target. It was like taking that youtube feel that’s been so successful and putting it into a very unpredictable campaign.’


Sponsorship opps up for grabs while whole world watches OneWebDay

CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) has turned Canada’s role in OneWebDay ( – a global celebration of the Internet – into a cross-country grassroots promotional event lasting nearly two months. September 22 has been designated as OneWebDay around the world, a day to build awareness of the Internet and its positive impact on individuals, businesses and communities.

Because Canada is one of the world’s most connected countries, it’s fitting that the celebration is being extended beyond just one day. The OneWebDay Tour began earlier this month with Tour Ambassador, video/film writer and producer Gavin Michael Booth, heading to 12 communities across the country to shoot video of his conversations with Canadians about the value of the Internet to everyday life, their online experiences, and the answer to the question ‘What are you doing online?’ Results of the poll and video of the tour will be posted online (, as part of the celebration. Creation of the tour and websites are the work of Toronto’s Fuse Marketing Group.


Carat: A handful of keepers in the fall TV grab bag

Carat Canada has picked its favourites from the roster of new U.S. shows on the fall TV sked – and it’s a very short list. Caroline Gianias, SVP and GM of Carat Toronto, has earmarked only six shows as winners: Shark (Global), The Nine (CTV), Traveler (mid-season launch on CTV), Justice, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (CTV) and Smith (CTV).

This seems about right, considering that just 10 of the 31 U.S. shows picked up by Canadian broadcasters last season are returning for a second go-round. Gianias says Canadian networks are at the mercy of the likes and dislikes of the American viewing public. Once again this year, broadcasters will continue to manipulate their schedules as they respond to the changes in the U.S., in an attempt to maintain as much simulcast programming as possible.


Rising young media star

This is the sixth installment of our ‘Rising Young Media Stars’ series, in which we profile the next gen media minds. Media pundits have been adamant that to succeed in the new mediaverse, agencies require new ways of thinking. Curious as to who these new thinkers were, and what they were thinking, strategy and Media in Canada canvassed the industry, asking media shops to single out their top innovative and strategic recruits. And we’re scouting for more of the same – so tell us about the hot talent in your shop.

Robyn Baldwin
Strategist, OMD Toronto

Claim to fame: After just three months in the industry, and at OMD, Robyn negotiated a creative, content-driven location buy for Wrigley Excel Extreme, which included wall murals and site-specific billboards in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. She cherry-picked optimum locations in terms of linking creative to what surrounded the boards. The Yonge and Dundas media tower in Toronto, for example, made use of the retail-centric placement with the line ‘More Intense than Chicks at a Shoe Sale.’