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Opinion: CRTC clearly offside with Super Bowl decision


With the NFL’s involvement in the simsub debate, Judy Davey of the ACA argues why the regulator’s move sets the industry up for a loss.

Blog: Introducing the technology agent


Chris Williams suggests a third-party technology agent could help advertisers set and assess quality objectives for digital media plans.

Blog: Are media agencies evolving fast enough?


Kevin Krossing, SVP strategy, MediaCom on why media agencies that are tech-savvy and data-driven are the most relevant to the industry.

Blog: Three reality checks for future-forward media planners


OMD’s Shane Cameron on why the industry needs to start putting everything it professes to know into action.

Blog: An erratic time for TV


PHD’s Rob Young sums up what’s causing trouble in the TV landscape.

Blog: A first-timer’s view of Cannes


Anne Stewart, president of Maxus Canada, on what she learned on her first trip to the festival, and why the world will be more creative again next week.

Blog: You oughta meet these Young Lions


Lauren Richards, CEO at Pollin8, on why the media industry could use more of what Young Lions winners Celia Gibb and Megan Metzak have got.

Blog: Cannes – the revenge of media


Karine Courtemanche, president at Touche on the transformation that has happened along the Croisette, and an app to help festival-goers get a cocktail.

Blog: 2D storytelling is so 2014


Ryan Van Dongen, director of connection and innovation is live from Cannes, explaining the big deal about SnapChat and Facebook’s short-term plans for 360 video.

Blog: Moneyball for marketers


David Wright, analytics manager at IPG Mediabrands, on the oft-misunderstood world of econometrics and how it can optimize campaign planning.