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Spotted! A side order of gender equality


Plan Canada offers up some unique specials ahead of International Day of the Girl.

Bacardi gets premium

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The brand is tackling a different audience for its newest high-end launches, bringing the products to life in Toronto later this month with a culinary event.

BRBR preps for a road trip


TFO has partnered with Influicity to promote the show’s 2016 season with a 13-city bus tour.

Spotted! Taking a walk around the UNB campus


A PHD team uses Google Cardboard to get tech-savvy prospective students to tour their client’s campus.

Spotted! An interplanetary execution

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20th Century Fox is promoting the launch of The Martian with a street-level activation.

Spotted! A mobile closet on the streetcar tracks


Cadillac Fairview Toronto Eaton Centre looks to connect more with its mall visitors through a curated wardrobe execution as it expands its shopping space.

Projecting a U.N. message on the big screen


With a heady goal to reach all Canadians, Cineplex launches the international organization’s campaign with a screen ad spot and a special activation.

Spotted! Finding London in Toronto


To celebrate its 20th anniversary Flight Centre Canada rolled out its first-ever social campaign around a race-style event to win round-trip tickets to London.

Discerning comedy fans only, please

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How JFL 42 is carving out a niche in Toronto’s crowded events scene.

Shomi wraps entertainment district in royal hues

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The streaming service has taken over watering holes where festival-goers congregate during TIFF.