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Traditional radio listeners won’t tune out


Two out of three English-speaking Canadians still listen to radio solely via a conventional receiver, according to a new Media Technology Monitor report.

Rogers Communications sees Q1 earnings fall


The media giant said more cable TV and phone subscribers headed to the exits due to the CRTC’s new contract cancellation notification policy.

Hudson’s Bay buys the top: Media Monitors


The retailer bought the most radio advertising in Toronto and Montreal for the week of April 13 to 19.

CBC Jian Ghomeshi inquiry calls for stronger management controls


Introducing employee training, surveys and “spot audits” and launching a confidential workplace hotline were also recommended by internal workplace probe.

CBC issues 241 more job loss notices to unionized employees


“From what we know so far, no part of the country is spared in the new cuts,” the Canadian Media Guild said in a statement, as a CBC spokesman confirmed new redundancy notices were issued.

RBC buys the top: Media Monitors


The bank bought the most radio advertising in Toronto for the week of April 6 to 12.

Corus Entertainment swings to second quarter loss


The broadcaster posted a non-cash radio impairment charge of $130 million, while lowering earnings guidance due to “further economic headwinds” impacting advertising market confidence.

Ford Dealer Association buys the top: Media Monitors


The automotive dealer association bought the most advertising time in Toronto for the week of March 30 to April 5.

V goes to the dogs for MIRA


The Quebec TV channel has partnered with the MIRA Foundation for an all-day telethon fundraiser.

Corus Media president expands role

People MovesRadio

Mario Cecchini has also been named president of Corus Radio.