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Making the message fit the medium

Pollin8′s Lauren Richards on collecting better data, defining the value of different platforms, and targeting consumers more effectively on TV.

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ParticipACTION gets in the app game

The non-profit is asking parents to upload games they played as children to a web-based app, helping others to get their kids outside and active.


American Idol sings its way to the top: BBM, May 21 to 27, 2012

The finale of the reality show on CTV grabbed the most viewers Wednesday night, while the third round of the NHL Playoffs topped the weekly averaged show list.


Big Bang Theory back on top: BBM, Feb 27 to March 4, 2012

The geniuses snagged the #1 position for the week, while American Idol topped the weekly averaged show list.


Fox’s mid-season update

A premiere date for Alcatraz and revised start for Idol are set, as Fox announces its mid-season sked.