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The Amazing Race Canada goes international


How the show fared in its first trip outside of Canada this week, and final data for the show’s second season premiere.

Amazing Race Canada takes the week: Numeris


The CTV original series had the most daily viewers for the week of July 7 to 13.

Why Bell Media wants The Loop to be the Buzzfeed of Canada


The redesigned site aims to target a younger, more share-happy audience with original, short-form video content with a Canadian spin.

Local radio scores big with the Senators


TSN 1200 is partnering with Unique FM to broadcast the Ottawa games in French for the next three years.

Death of Much is ‘greatly exaggerated’


Justin Stockman, VP of specialty channels at Bell Media, on the challenges and opportunities, not the funeral march, for the station.

Esso buys the top: Media Monitors


The company had the most radio ad airtime in Toronto for the week of July 7 to 13.

Discovery’s fishy stunt


The media co has revealed the truth about a Shark Week promotional video that had people thinking twice about swimming in Lake Ontario.

Space tries for another epic Sharknado


For its sequel, the network is using the B-movie’s charm and a more active social media campaign aimed at repeating last summer’s ratings success.

Bell, Rogers to shutter Viewer’s Choice


Viewer’s Choice Canada co-owners Bell and Rogers are shutting down the pay-per-view service this fall.

The fight for Fall TV


The battle plans from each of the major networks, as we head into the new fall season.