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HBO Canada gets virtual for Game of Thrones


The show is being promoted with the return of a travelling exhibit to Toronto, which features an interactive Oculus Rift experience.

Game of Thrones premiere tops one million on HBO Canada


Sunday night’s premiere was the most-watched launch episode for the channel to date.

HBO Canada goes big for Game of Thrones

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The Bell Media channel is launching the largest campaign in HBO Canada’s history to promote the show’s upcoming season.

Comic-Con Blog: TV comes alive on the streets of San Diego

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Networks took over the streets surrounding the big event with spectacular immersive marketing experiences.

Fall TV: Content evolution – Stealing the spotlight from network TV


With a lot of buzz-generating content coming from subscription-based and untraditional channels, conventional broadcasters have to fire back with a double-dose of content.

Spotted! HBO Canada tours the throne


Corus Entertainment and Astral are promoting season two of Game of Thrones with events across Canada.