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Live streaming is heating up on social media: report


Use of live-video apps like Meerkat and Periscope is building quickly, according to Adobe’s latest Digital Index report.

Google testing new DMP


The company has confirmed it is working to expand its DoubleClick platform.

YouTube updates TrueView


The company is making the unit available on its DoubleClick marketplace, and adding increased interactive options.

Do YouTube stars help brand lift?


Google Canada’s Christos Nikitopoulos on the launch of the You Tube-focused Google Preferred program in Canada and how it has performed stateside.

Waze begins sales drive in Canada


The Google-owned traffic app’s first Canadian sales manager tells MiC about promotion plans, and the advertising verticals it is targeting.

CTV Go ‘casts’ content to TV


The move makes the station’s online streaming content, like Gotham (pictured), available on a TV screen via Google Chromecast.

Google updates viewability reports


The tech co will soon begin informing brands of what ads have been seen.

Viewability debate: does size matter?


New research from Google’s Active View provides insight on how ads are being seen.

Pick your Platform: Ryan Van Dongen on the power of Google


From creating VR with cardboard to building a smarter home, UM’s director of connection planning and innovation, on the company’s latest moves.

Ad fraud woes: what Google is doing about hidden ads


The technology company is unmasking “bad actors” that deliberately hide ad slots on web pages with a feature that weeds out the perpetrators.