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Data Dive: The building buzz around the Blue Jays


Chatter around the team has expanded outside of Toronto since the end of July, according to IPG Mediabrands.

IPG Mediabrands partners to build Cadreon


The media co has announced a deal with programmatic marketing platform Rocket Fuel.

Data Dive: Pan Am Games get Canadians talking


According to numbers from IPG Mediabrands, 63% of Canadians tuned into at least part of the Games, with Kanye West winning the most tweets.

Data Dive: Wait, what? Canadians like the Pan Am Games


Canadians are tuning in, while griping about HOV lanes has dropped 87% since the tournament began, according to IPG Mediabrands.

Data Dive: How teens view your content online


Canadian teens are most likely to say they want to be famous online, according to research from UM.

Is your content increasing web esteem?


Half of Canadians are happy when people comment on their shared posts, according to research from IPG Mediabrands.

Digging into shifts in radio sales


Local ad sales are down and national sales are up in Toronto and Vancouver, MiC asks media directors about the impact, and whether or not the trend will continue.

Blog: 2D storytelling is so 2014


Ryan Van Dongen, director of connection and innovation is live from Cannes, explaining the big deal about SnapChat and Facebook’s short-term plans for 360 video.

Cannes 2015: Canadians hit the beach


Executives on what they’re looking forward to most in France next week, and the work they think will win Lions.

Data Dive: Millennial dads are optimistic and informed


According to new research from IPG Mediabrands, milliennial dads are more likely to research products online, but are often cynical about ads.