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Diving deep into boomers’ media consumption habits

An MTM study shows that boomers are fast adopters of new media, while still retaining certain traditional habits.


Forget the cable cord, has your target cut the landline?

New numbers from MTM finds the growing group has some distinct media consumption habits.

Sneiors phone mtm

Are seniors likely to cut the cable cord?

An MTM report shows how this non-digitally native Anglophone Canadian demo has responded to technology in its media consumption.


Show and tell: media measurement in flux

PHD’s Rob Young charts out the changes taking place in the measurement space and how they allow us to measure consumer activity on media differently.


Breaking down the millennials: MTM

Those in Gen Z are more likely to have a smartphone and use Snapchat, Tumblr and Reddit than those in Gen Y, according to new numbers.


Online news gains ground: MTM

How news consumption is changing for Canadians, and where newspapers fit into the equation.


69% of Canadians watch YouTube content monthly: MTM

According to new numbers, one in three viewers on the streaming platform watch content at least once every week.


Younger Francophones watching more English TV: report

Digitally savvy younger Francophone viewers watch more English-language content than average, and spend more time watching online TV.


More smartphones, more streaming: report

With 75% of the Anglophone population using smartphones, consumption of audio and video content on those devices is also up.


Apple still rules on tablets: MTM

According to new numbers, income is the driving force behind tablet ownership, with iPads holding the lion’s share of the market.


Second screeners are also content creators

Over half of English Canadians have participated in some form of second-screen interaction, according to new numbers from MTM.


Three-quarters of Anglo-Canadians multitask while watching TV: study

According to new numbers from MTM, 56% of heavy multitaskers are in the 18 to 34 demographic.


Cable losing share in TV services battle

Telcos continue to make inroads, while the number of people who are tuning out keeps rising, finds new research from Media Technology Monitor.


One-tenth of Canadians are watching TV online

That stat is up from 6% last year, and other information from the latest MTM report.


Drawing the line between Gen Z and Y: MTM

The report uncovers device usage and media consumption for the two groups between the ages of 18 and 34.