BBM TV Top 30 for October 9-15, 2006

CTV's broadcast of C.S.I. got even stronger at the number one spot, with a jump worth more than half a million sets of eyes.

C.S.I.‘s total 2+ AMA hit 4,043,000 viewers for Oct. 9-15, a significant jump from the 3,555,000 charted for the week of Oct. 2-8. The second highest spot, retained by C.S.I. New York, kept strong with a minimal increase to a 2,577,000 AMA. C.S.I. Miami, however, got a bump from third place by Desperate Housewives. For lists of the top 30 TV shows nationally and by region for the week of Oct. 9-15, 2006, according to BBM Nielsen Media Research, please click the links below: