Hybrid print effort pushes online resources for family caregiver target

Family Care Solutions wants to draw in people who face multiple challenges in caring for their loved ones. In print and online, content links readers to the businesses that can help.

Forty-somethings who find themselves caring for older loved ones are the target of FamilyCareSolutions.ca (SavourAider.ca) and a print publication of the same name(s) that aims to be an innovative hybrid of editorial content and directory advertising. About 460,000 copies of Family Care Solutions (Savoir Aider), presented as a special issue of Canadian Living, were distributed in September to pre-selected households in the Greater Toronto and Montreal areas and to the subscribers of Canadian Living, Good Times and Bel Age magazines from those markets.

The project’s partners, Transcontinental Media and Yellow Pages Group, are using the annual print magazine to drive people to the website, which offers the target audience access to specialists and the opportunity to discuss experiences with others in an online forum. All advertisers who sign on for the print projects are included on the website. Both companies’ print and online properties will push the new product.

Yellow Pages Group VP business development Ezana Raswork says the new project ‘meets a real need when you consider that one in five 40-year-old adults is a caregiver in Canada. This innovative hybrid combination provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach their targeted audience, and position themselves as a solution to meet the needs of the growing number of caregivers in Canada.’

www.FamilyCaresolutions.ca, savoiraider.ca