gets users and their furry friends engaged

A dual platform campaign by Lowe Roche aims to put Nestlé brands at the centre of the UGC craze. Hey, next thing you know, your cat might be hogging the Internet connection.

Toronto-based Lowe Roche has launched as part of an interactive campaign geared towards getting pet lovers engaged with Nestlé Purina PetCare. Debuted last week, the site features viral purr and woof mail (messages to friends ‘through your four-legged friend’) and a pet I.Q. test. A consumer-generated component allows people to post pics along with captions to guess at what’s on the pet’s mind.

The campaign also uses 60-second radio spots in the greater Toronto market in the form of Talking Pets game-show-like trivia, pushing listeners to get involved with the pet I.Q. trivia questions on the site. A contest component gives users the chance to win pet food for a year.

Nestlé Purina PetCare director of brand development Mary Siemiesz says the ‘interactive environment is both engaging and educational to visitors, highlighting Purina’s pet expertise, while helping to build a stronger bond between pets and their owners.’