rolls out on-demand advertising in Quebec

Ads on demand. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

The Advertising on Demand Network ( has formalized its agreements with Vidéotron ltée ( and is now commercially deployed on Vidéotron’s illico digital cable and reaching over 1.3 million Quebec consumers through partner broadcast networks TVA and LCN. leverages broadcast, VOD and PVR technologies to allow TV viewers to access long-form advertising on-demand. The on-demand network has been in trial mode with Vidéotron since May of this year with some pretty high-powered brands taking part in the test, including Molson Canada, Daimler-Chrysler Canada, Ford Motors of Canada, General Motors of Canada, The National Bank of Canada, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever.

Ian MacLean, VP and general manager of, says several of the advertisers from the trial have signed on again, as have a number of new clients that are expected to hit the air now through Q1 2007.

‘One advertiser in particular was getting 300% to 400% greater activity than the others and that gave us some learning. (The brand’s advertising) was aimed at a younger audience who I think has a greater propensity to click on things. These are people under 25 generally who grew up with a mouse in one hand and a remote control in the other, and PDA in their pocket. Also that campaign was heavily distributed in prime time so I think there was a larger audience available too.’

Results for the trial test exceeded expectations across all metrics such as the engagement rates, clickthrough rates, the viewer rates, and the number of views per household. The test was originally scheduled to run 10 weeks but it was so successful, it was left up from the beginning of May to late August, collecting data all the while.

MacLean says, ‘We saw some interesting patterns, such as high-involvement with products that would resonate (with viewers), for instance with women during a soap opera where P&G had a lot of health and beauty products. Unilever was working with Knorr and they had a show about two chefs facing off in a competition and that was put into a very foodie environment on TVA on Saturday mornings. We saw a big spike (in clickthroughs and viewing) on Saturday mornings.’