Did beaver let cat out of bag?

Enquiring minds keep asking whether MiC knows who's driving everyone nuts with that mushrooming outdoor campaign featuring a silver- and blue-wrapped gift box. So we've done some sleuthing.

Nobody’s going on record yet about which marketer is behind the domination OOH campaign that seems to be putting a new board in every nook and cranny of downtown Toronto – featuring a gift box enticingly wrapped in blue with a big silver bow, but no text and no clue as to who’s behind the teaser campaign.

CBS Outdoors, which owns the boards, told MiC that all will be revealed on Nov. 20, when the next phase of the mystery campaign breaks. But on Nov. 11, a four-page, half-tab flyer was inserted in the Saturday Toronto Star – festooned with an identical gift box image and a very familiar-looking beaver. The advertiser? Bell World.

Does that mean Bell jumped the gun on the big reveal? Wouldn’t we all love to know!