Cannes ad fest creates Integrated Lions to flesh out Titanium category

From now on, integrated, innovative campaigns that use three or more different media will be judged at the Cannes Lions International Ad Festival - with the best ones receiving 'Integrated Lion' awards.

The roles integration and media play in breakthrough advertising were acknowledged by the organizers of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in yesterday’s announcement of a new ‘Integrated Lion’ designation. Beginning with the 54th International Advertising Festival, to be held June 17-23, 2007, campaigns that use three or more different media, plus breakthrough ideas, will be submitted to one entry section: the Titanium and Integrated Lions. One jury will view and vote on all entries and then award one Grand Prix Integrated and a number of Integrated Campaign Lions.

When work is deemed extremely worthy, the juries will also award Titanium Lions and Titanium Grand Prix’s for campaigns that ‘stop the industry in its tracks and cause it to reconsider the way forward’. Henceforth, entrants will not have to specify whether they are submitting to Titanium or Integrated.‘ >